Novel Computing and Beyond-CMOS hardware

There is currently a dramatic shift in the foundations of micro- and nano-electronics away from planar scaling of microchips. Not only are transistors themselves becoming ever more elaborate (FinFET → GAA-FET → Forksheet → etc.), but devices such as memristors are quickly maturing, offering substantial new capabilities. These range from ultra-compact memory to radiation hardness, physical unclonability, optical and chemical sensing.

This theme explores opportunities generated by these technologies in creating systems that can achieve computation, sensing, and combinations thereof, at levels of performance not feasible using standard electronic (a.k.a. "CMOS") fabrics.

The aim is to achieve low SWAP systems for defence and security, including highly capable AI systems and intelligent sensors.

Example projects include:

  • development of an accelerator for machine vision on-chip
  • a radiation-hard, intelligent surveillance satellite controller
  • a cloud-free virtual assistant for battlefield operations

The exciting opportunities enabled by the capabilities of beyond-CMOS devices means this theme will have substantial interactions with the others themes, especially Sensor Signal Processing and Autonomous Sensing Platforms.

nanoscale chip design

Theme leads: